Anglický jazyk - p. uč. Němečková


Vocabulary: adjectives with -ed or -ing (např. disappointed/disappointing): all in Soubory in Teams)

Grammar: There's someone/ something + -ing (např. There's a car stopping by the gate.)

                   I can see/ hear/ smell / feel someone/ something + ing (např. I can feel the sun shining on my face.)

Speaking: describing a scene, feelings

Homework for 16th February: 

Write 10 sentences about a chosen picture / the picture at page 47 in your student's book. Use the grammar structures mentioned above. 

Project: Who do you admire? Who do you follow? 

More info: Bio.docx (14.79 kB)

Deadline: 19th March 2021


Pronunciation - word stress: verbs 

Vocabulary - crime (rob, burgle...)  see Soubory in Teams

Grammar - verb + -ing or infinitive

Homework for 25th February:

1. Practice verb + -ing / infinitive: Scroll down to the bottom of the page (Check your grammar...)

2. Read the article about three famous crimes in Britain and do the tasks below it:


Vocabulary - medieval knights, a legend of the Sword Excalibur

Listening - the end of the legend about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table Sir Bedivere and Excalibur.mp3 (833.12 kB)

Grammar - verb + -ing or infinitive (their list is in sb p 45)

Homework for 18th February

1. Write sentences about your own life. (Use the cues in ex. 7/p 45 in sb)

2. Listen or look carefully at the lyrics of your favourite song/ phrases from a film/ an online article and identify verbs + - ing or infinitive forms. Copy these sentences. Find them at least 7. Please don't forget to add the source too. 

e.g. Aren't you tired tryin' to fill that void? (Shallow: Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper)

       But he remembers being "blown away by the little goldcrest". (

Send me by 18th February 11.59 p.m., please. It's not possible to hand in your work later!!!


Vocabulary - problems and treatments

Listening and speaking - at the doctor's Dialogues.mp3 (1.09 MB)

Reading - King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table

Writing - Stay healthy!

Homework for 12th February

Progress check (wb p 32-33)

This presentation might help you understand phrases like: So do I. (Já také.) Neither do I. (Já také ne.) 

Agreeing and disagreeing.ppt (4.53 MB)

If you have any questions, ask them in Friday's lesson.

Send me by 12th February 11.59 p.m., please. It's not possible to hand in your work later!!!


Vocabulary and speaking - a nutrition expert's advice on a balanced diet, vitamins and minerals 

Reading - Sports events

Homework for 5th February: sb p 40/ Sports events.mp3 (1.91 MB)

1. Read and listen to the text. Complete the gaps with the months and years. (Clue: sb 40/1b)

2. Listen again and check your answers.

 You will do a test related to the text in Friday's English lesson!


Vocabulary and speaking - healthy diet 

Listening - Are you a healthy eater? 2-16 Project Third Edition Book 4 Class CD.mp3 (1.29 MB)

Homework for 28th January:

My experience.docx (13.31 kB)

Flyer 1.jpg (429.59 kB)

Flyer 2.png (46.41 kB)

Send me via email pls.

Prosím o dodržení termínu. Pozdější odevzdání už nebude akceptováno!!! (Tzn. Možnost odevzdat později už nebude!!!)

Homework for 2nd February:

Listen and complete the pie chart (sb 36/4b) 2-17 Project Third Edition Book 4 Class CD.mp3 (1.29 MB)

Není třeba posílat. Zkontrolujeme si společně při výuce.


Vocabulary and speaking - organising your time

Grammar - object relative clauses

Homework for this week:

Listen to the radio interview about the Pomodoro Technique and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills.


Vocabulary - healthy lifestyle (body, gym)

Grammar - subject relative clauses, should/might

Speaking - giving advice

Writing - an opinion about a new gym

Homework for 15th January:

Task 1 Subject relative clauses.docx (12.59 kB)

Task 2 Best Body Fitness.docx (12.36 kB)

Send me by 15th January, please.

Prosím o dodržení termínu. Pozdější odevzdání už nebude akceptováno!!! (Tzn. Možnost odevzdat později už nebude!!!)

4.1. - 8.1. 2021

Vocabulary - parts of the body, healthy lifestyle 

Grammar - relative pronouns (who, which, that), verb + infinitive (want to, hope to, promise to...)

Speaking - New Year's Resolutions, Healthy lifestyle 

Homework for 8th January:

1. Read the article about healthy lifestyle at page 32 in the studentsbook (You and your body) and compare with your ideas about this issue. 

2. Complete the worksheet about your resolutions for the year 2021: New_Year_s_Resolutions.jpg (66.96 kB)

Homework for 11th January:

wb p. 24/2b Send me the scan of the page via email, please.